We can't just think about ourselvesWe can't just think about ourselves

A company that produces millions of furniture items every year uses large quantities of energy, water, and raw materials. At Welle we are proud to promote sustainable working practices.  

Welle's corporate responsibility is evident in everything we do: during the production process, in the workmanship of our products, and in the sparing use of resouces. 

Whilst creating fascinating furnishing solutions for today, we also think about tomorrow and future generations. We will continue to optimise our products and processes with regard to the environment: here you can see what we are already doing.

Raw MaterialsRaw Materials

Regardless of what is produced from raw materials, it should pose no health risks. This couldn't be more true for furniture, which surrounds you in your home every day. 

The "Blue Angel" confirms how environmentally friendly we are. No wonder: our vanishes and finishes are environmentally friendly and water based, and all wood used to produce our furniture comes from sustainable sources.


Resource ConservationResource Conservation

Once made, a piece of furniture no longer uses any resources. Another reason why longevity is so important to us. 

All wood used to produce our furniture comes from sustainable sources whereby no more wood is harvested than is regrown. We also utilise all raw materials and energy sparingly and divert all waste back into the supply chain. 

Our wood manufacturing is a closed loop as all woodchips are reused to generate thermal heat in a modern boiler. Our production sites and offices in Detmold and Alsfeld are heated in this way 100%. In Paderborn 90% and in Bad Lippspringe  80% of the heating is produced in this environmentally friendly way.

We are forerunners in the furniture industry: just 12.5% of waste is actually disposed of, 81.25% goes back into the recycling chain, and 6.25% is used to generate energy.

Light is important, but not always. Using light controls we prevent our production sites being lit unnecessarily.

Modern logistics are mindful of the environment as well, as is our logistic chain management.

Waste / EmissionsWaste / Emissions

Waste management follows a very straightforward principle: allowing as little to accrue as possible, means less has to be recycled or disposed of. We invest in new facilities for our mechanical production that produce very little waste and still meet our high quality requirements.

Packaging protects our products on their way to our customers, and is therfore indispensable. However, we have changed from using shrink wrap to stretch film meaning we use far less energy to wrap our products and save around 250 tons of CO2 each year. All our packaging contains at least 80% recycled material.

By minimising off cuts in production we save valuable resources, and right from the design phase we plan the reduction of waste and sparing use of raw materials.

Using compressed air is necessary when making furniture. However, by investing in new compressors and using an intelligent control system we avoid CO2 emissions of up to 640 tons each year.

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