• Chests

    Not just a beautiful Piece of furniture, practical too!

  • Silent System

    All good things come in threes

    The discreet 3 stars - is our symbol for the whole CHIRAZ range.


    ...the eye wanders over high gloss fonts and glass surfaces to the noble aluminium handles.

    Lineal chests

    For those who wish to identitfy the CHIRAZ characteristics, just has to read the handwriting. Lineal, no-frills and absolutely clear.

    Geradlinige Kommoden

    Wer den Charakter dieser Möbelserie erkennen will, braucht nur ihre deutliche Handschrift lesen: Geradlinig. Schnörkellos. Und absolut klar.

    Beautifully brilliant

    The perfect cut and the perfect brilliance, gives an the light unbelievable intensiy. See for yourself.

  • flexibility

    breakfast in bed or working with the laptop

    glitzy finish


    timeless classic

    everything that is needed in a chest and more

    soft closing

    as standard, naturally

  • Upholstered bench.

    The comfortable bench with its high quality textile leather, just fits right in...whatever it's used for...

    High gloss fronts

    Mirror like. Thanks to the innovative, 3 coat UV dried polish, our high gloss fronts reach such a gloss intensity that you could mistake them for a mirror.

    Textile leather

    The textile leather has the classical texture, softness of real leather, only it is easier to clean. The visible edge is also accentuated with a double seam - worth taking a closer look.

    TV chest

    This piece of CHIRAZ accessory furniture not only acts as a storage possibility but also for that new flat-screen?

    Drawers and doors

    Concealed ball.bearing runners guarantee a smooth slide and the soft closer provides the silent touch.

    Tidy house, tidy mind.

    The comfortable interiors don't just make your life easier, they use every available centimetre to the full.

  • Lighting

    So that everything can be found under your private starry sky.

    So much flexibility

    Working with the laptop, reading or just having a lazy sunday breakfast..all is possible with the pull-down middle section.

    Flexible headboard

    Good ideas are evrywhere. Our designers bring new inspiration into the furniture that would not normally be found in the bedroom.

    A true highlight

    The brilliance of the CHIRAZ range belongs to the SWAROVSKI crystals. Thank their revolutionary 14 facettes in different sizes, the crystals have a remarkable brilliance.

    Tidy house, tidy mind

    The comfortable interiors don't just make your life easier, they use every available centimetre to the full.

  • Interior dividers

    using the space available to optimize the wardrobe

  • Interiors

    Interior drawers

    Small pull-out basket

    Pull-out tie rack

    Pull-out belt rack

    Cubby-hole dividers


    2 pull-out baskets

    Pull-out trouser holder

    Shirt shelf

    Touchlight: interior lighting

    Shoe shelf / pull-out basket

    2 Shoe shelves

    Interior drawers - flexibly insertable

Bedroom CHIRAZthe most beautiful stars can be seen at night

CHIRAZ brings the night sky into the bedroom.

Bedroom CHIRAZMagic moments for design lovers.

Classical retro elements meet cultivated purism and together with the glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS produces a completely new architectural design. To walk in to a CHIRAZ bedroom means to immerge into a fascinating light and surface spectacle.

Bedroom CHIRAZLinear, but out of this world

Linear, no frills and absolute clear.

Bedroom CHIRAZFollow your own star.

Who hasn't dreamt from sleeping under a starry sky? With CHIRAZ the dream becomes reality. Glittering SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS, high polished fronts in sand-grey or crystal white..it's a shame to close those eyes!

Bedroom CHIRAZCount stars instead of sheep.

To gaze into the stars, one just has to take a look at the wardrobe.

Bedroom CHIRAZSleep well under the stars

a good nights sleep in a beautiful bed

Bedroom CHIRAZDon't judge a book by its cover

We have taken the best materials availabe to create the perfect interios.

Bedroom CHIRAZIntrinsic values..

The intrinsic values of CHIRAZ are very important, the interior design is finely tuned in line with the high polished fronts. Stylish interiors enhanced with a linen structured surface. Not only does it look outstanding from the outside but the inside too.

Bedroom CHIRAZGlistening, gleaming, glittering.

..the fascinating world of colour and light. Now it's possible to take it home, because CHIRAZ brings the night sky to the bedroom. A glittering canopy is opened up with SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS that will give anyone sweet dreams.