To illustrate quality, we are happy to
use sign language.To illustrate quality, we are happy to use sign language.

Nowadays quality is promised to you wherever and whatever you buy. Of course most of the time we can rely on the promise that we are receiving a product of high quality, but wouldn't it be better if we could receive a guarantee for it as well? 

Whether its workmanship tested for its high standards, for being kind to the environment or for the best performance, the many awards that we at Welle have achieved for our products are not only a sign for us that we have worked hard, but your reassurance that you can depend on us and your furnishings.

Furniture should not come with a health risk. There are however, hidden risks. Substances in the wood can induce allergic reactions and be harmful to ones health. For this reason our furniture carries the "Blue Angel" symbol that has been awarded by the Ministry for the Environment. As well as caring for your health, this symbol also stands for sustainable environmental protection. You can be sure that all wood used for our furniture is taken from sustainable forests, and we only use what can be regrown. 

The GS mark (Gepruefte Sicherheit = approved safety) guarantees that our products have been tested and certified for safety according to the "German Equipment Safety Law" by a trustworthy, independent institute. 

There are specific safety regulations for every furnishing category - particularly of course for the nurseries. Taking baby cots as an example, the following requirements are checked before a GS certification mark is awarded:

  • Complete stability 
  • All accessible edges, corners and any protruding parts must be rounded
  • It should not be possible for soother chains, clips etc. to get caught on parts accessible from within the cot
  • The strength of the cot bars, end and side panels
  • The gaps between the cot bars are defined so as to prevent the baby getting trapped
  • All materials and finishes must comply with the Toy Safety Standards ("DIN-Normen") as well as be sweat and saliva resistant.
  • Small parts, decorative features etc. that can be swallowed should not be accessible from within the cot
  • The inner height of the side and end panels must be at least 60cm

The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" tested 10 baby cots on safety and toxic substances for its June 2008 edition. Some manufacturers fell considerably short of the tested criteria. The result was clear-cut: our MIA cot was alone in receiving the grade "very good". 

As a producer from the heart of Germany, Welle stands for high quality German standards. At our modern factories we not only employ highly qualified staff, we also train ourselves. We produce durable furniture using high quality materials, latest technologies, and precise craftsmanship: in a nutshell "Made in Germany".    

Products that carry the "Golden M" have particularly good performance characteristics. So you can be sure that you are buying a quality product that will last for years.


The numerous awards we have received for our products are your reassurance that you can depend on us and your furnishings.