This is how to really shine.This is how to really shine.

You can enjoy good furniture for a long time. That is also the case with our products: when we produce furniture we take care of every little tiny detail and pay great attention to maximum quality. So that your Welle furniture looks as good as it did on the first day for a long time, we have gathered a few care and maintenance tips for you here. 

Melamine coated MDF finishesMelamine coated MDF finishes

Our melamine or coated MDF furniture finishes are not just incredibly tough but they are also easy to clean. Simply use a soft, damp cloth to clean them. Please never use abrasive or acidic cleaning products as these scratch the surface. 

Solid wood finishesSolid wood finishes

Our furniture is mostly sealed against usual dirt by varnish or wax and therefore meets normal requirements for everyday use. However, solid wood is a living material which is why you should be aware of a few things. Never place your furniture directly in front of damp walls and always guarantee sufficient ventilation. To restrict the warping and cracking of furniture we recommend a relative humidity of 45-55 percent in the room. Particularly during the heating period, take measures to humidify the ambient air.

For everyday care, a simple dust with a soft, dry cloth along the wood grain without applying too much pressure, is sufficient. For occasional more intensive care use a damp cloth. Wipe it dry afterwards, as residue moisture on furniture can lead to marks forming. 

High gloss surfaces and mirrorsHigh gloss surfaces and mirrors

Our furniture's high gloss surfaces stand out due to being incredibly tough and having a brilliant shine. They are not sensitive at all and look as good as new for a very long time, without you having to do much. Clean these items of furniture with a soft cloth, clear water or glass cleaning products. Simply wipe away any residue moisture using a lint-free cloth, e.g. a microfibre cloth. Important: do not under any circumstances use abrasive products or acidic solutions! 

High gloss Campo office finishesHigh gloss Campo office finishes

The high quality furniture fronts in our "Campo" office range are coated at the factory with protective films on surfaces and edges. To prevent damage, please only remove these protective films after you have finished all assembly work. Immediately afterwards, the finishes are particularly sensitive because they are not yet completely hardened. Therefore please wait at least 24 hours before cleaning it.

Over the course of time, to prevent any scratches, only unused, soft cloths should be used for cleaning and maintaining the high gloss furniture fronts. With everyday use please only clean these fronts with soapy water and a soft cloth. For care in between cleaning and to prevent static build up, we recommend a microfibre cloth and anti-static plastic cleaner. 

Please do not under any circumstances use abrasive, sharp or solvent cleaning products as the finish coating is affected by this and permanent damage can be caused. It is also advised against using any furniture polish, waxes or products which promise a self-cleaning effect. These could also contain unsuitable solvents or possibly form a film on the furniture. 

Mother of pearl glassMother of pearl glass

Our mother of pearl glass is already particularly resistant to marks. If from time to time cleaning is necessary, simply clean the matt, slightly rough side with clear water or very slightly soapy water. Please use a standard sponge. Wet the whole surface evenly to avoid any stripes or smearing. Cotton cloths are not suitable for cleaning as they may leave behind fibres on the mother of pearl glass' roughened surface.

Matt lackierte OberflächenMatt lackierte Oberflächen

Die Reinigung der matt lackierten Oberfläche, sollte mit einem weichen Reinigungstuch (Staubtuch) erfolgen. Anhaftende Verschmutzungen können mit lauwarmem Wasser und einem Spritzer Neutralreiniger und einem weichen Lappen nebelfeucht abgewischt werden. Die zurückbleibende Feuchtigkeit wird mit einem weichen, fusselfreien Lappen abgenommen. Auf den Oberflächensollte niemals Wasser nach beendigter Reinigung stehen bleiben. Microfasertücher sollten nicht zum Einsatz kommen.

Artificial leatherArtificial leather

The "Sotega" upholstery used on our headrest is distinguished by its extraordinary softness and unique touch, which makes it almost impossible to tell apart from real leather.  Above all, it makes it really easy to clean: simply wipe the upholstered headrest occasionally with a damp cloth. Leather care products are not required. 


With our fabrics please observe their care and washing instructions.

Printed glassPrinted glass

To clean printed glass we recommend a soft, moist cloth. (On no account a cloth that will scratch). The front side of the glass can be cleaned with household glass cleaner. It is also important that moisture of any kind should not be left for any length of time on the printed side.